SG Travel Diaries from India – 2016 II

Message relayed from our Surgeon General who is currently in India participating in a pro bono public health activity.

Dear STARFLEET Medical Corps Peers:


Quick Update (II)

It’s hot and humid here:  above 31 deg C on 8/14/2016.  I’m so used to the A/C in my office in DC and my home.  (The hotel, here, is just fine.)

I’m teaching and doing a lot of public health consultations.  We have more Indian students in our MPH degree program…about 45 students and 1/3 of these are Indian with the balance from Afghanistan.  They are very appreciative and respectful of me….something I do not get in US where I work.  My friend, the public health school founder and provost, arrives in the city on 8/18…I will talk with him about 10-d [Sat and Sun + 5 day week + Sat and Sun], Community Health and Culture course geared to bring together young Indian and International (US, other countries) students and recent grads in Jodhpur.  Bringing young people together to help work toward a healthier and peaceful world via public health is a good venture.

My teaching consumes my days in this on-campus/off-campus program….very similar to one at the University of Michigan’s public health school.  The water-related diseases caused by vectors include malaria, dengue, onchocerciasis, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, etc.  This is what I’ll be working on later in the week.  I wonder if this is a small presentation which some of our peers would be interested in learning about at our next Medical Corps meeting in Florida in 2017….just something I’m thinking about.

8/14/2016 was Independence Day in India.

I’ll send another report on Thursday of this week.

That’s all for now.