Office of the Surgeon General Current Serving Officers

Deputy Director of Operations


STARFLEET Medical Corps

Public Health Leaders and Volunteers in the SFI Association

Roster  as at  September 2017

Current Membership

There are approximately 180+ members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps who serve as Health/Medical Officers, Counselors, and in other roles in our Association. Jullian Starfleet_dress_uniform,_2375These individuals, also, promote public health, community health education, and community health promotion along with participating in related community service activities as volunteers in the various chapters of the SFI Association.

The actions of the current membership are done in keeping with the “Let Me Help” theme found in the “Star Trek” franchise.

Assistant Surgeon General

Public Health/Community Health Leader and Public Health/Community Health Education Resource Person to SFI Members in an assigned SFI Region. This individual also offers assistance to SFI Regional Health/Medical leaders in their effort to develop related programming for the needs of a specific SFI Region.

R1   – Vacant

R2  – ASG:   LCDR George Graboski

– Assistant ASG : CAPT Morgan Hahn^*  (Interests: CPR/AED)

R3  – ASG:  COL Steven Bice^* (Interests: Ingress)

R4  – Vacant

R5  – ASG: LTC Richard Bonham*

R6  – Appointment Pending

R7  –  ASG:  VADM Susan Bolick

R8  – ASG:  CAPT Chris “Ducky” Lynch

R9  – Appointment Pending

R10 – Appointment Pending

R11 – ASG:  LCDR Ross Manuel*   (Interests: Basic emergency care; first aid)

R12  – Vacant

R13 – Appointment Pending

R15 – Appointment Pending

R16 – Vacant

R17 – Appointment Pending

R18 – Vacant

R19 – Vacant

R20 – ASG LDCR Mark Logan

– Assistant ASG – ENS Annie Serpell

Surgeon General Office – Appointments

Public Health/Community Health Leaders with assigned responsibilities within the STARFLEET Medical Corps.  These individuals are asked to lead specific activities on behalf of the SG for the benefit of SFI Members and the STARFLEET Medical Corps.

BGEN Dr Douglas Reagan, PhD, EMT-P
SG Senior Advisor-Administration^*
(Interests: Emergency Medicine, Trauma, Paramedical Studies, Infectious Disease)

BGEN Steven Pamley
Fire Commissioner

1LT Brad Lee
Deputy Fire Commissioner

BDR Angela Lewis*, STARFLEET International (Marine Corps)
Medical Adjutant

FCAPT “De” Rush, STARFLEET International
Deputy Surgeon General – Operations^*

CAPT Amanda Barrow, STARFLEET International
Deputy Director of Operations^*

CAPT Anthony Dowling, STARFLEET International
SG Chief Aide-Operations

LT Dr Brady McNulty, PharmD, RPh, STARFLEET International
SG Aide, Public Health Service and Communications

SG Aide, Personal Safety and Public Health

SG Aide, Community Safety and Public Health

LT Maryellen Strang, STARFLEET International
Team Leader, Women’s Health^*

LCDR Andrea Debrestian, STARFLEET International
Team Leader, Public Health Emergencies^*

LTJG Rianna Melton, RVT, STARFLEET International
Team Leader, Veterinary Health Issues

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