Office of the Surgeon General


Current Surgeon General, STARFLEET Medical Corps

Dr Gregory Fant, PhD, MSHS
COL, STARFLEET International (Marine Corps)^*
(Period of Service: 2015-Present)

(Interests: Global public health; applied epidemiology; BBP)


Past–Surgeon General, STARFLEET Medical Corps

These individuals graciously gave their time to the cause of promoting the activities of the STARFLEET Medical Corps within the SFI Association.


BGEN Dr Douglas Reagan, PhD, EMT-P, STARFLEET International (Marine Corps)
(Period of Service: 2014, Acting)


MGEN Oliver Savander, Sr., STARFLEET International (Marine Corps)
(Period of Service: 2011-2014)


COMM Joseph Gallager, STARFLEET International [deceased]
(Period of Service: 2009-2011)


FADM Wayne Killough, Jr., STARFLEET International [deceased]
(Period of Service: 2004-2009)


ADM Dr David Miller, MD, STARFLEET International
(Periods of Service: 2001-2004; 1995-1999; 1993-1994)






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^ current: First Aid or CPR/AED training

* Earned: SFMD