Awards Ribbon Rack

For those people that have already earned awards there is an order of precedence.   Shows how the ribbons should be displayed on their uniforms.


achievment-first-class Achievement Award, Second Class Ribbon medical

Achievement 1st

Achievement 2nd

Medical Star of Honor

firefighters-award emh-spec SG Special Commendation Med Corps Service

Firefighter SoH

Emt/Para SOH

Special Commendation

Med Corps Commendation Group Effort asg cmo

Exemplary Group Effort

ASG Ribbon

CMO Ribbon

joe-gallagher bocp-cmo bocp-coun
“Joe Gallagher” BOCP – CMO


Med Corps Training Commendation Training Commendation Level II hazmat-1

Training Level 1

Training Level II

HazMat Level 1

Haz Mat Training Commendation Level II EMT Training Commendation paramedic
HazMat Level II EMT Training

Paramedic Training