SG Travel Diaries from India – 2016

Message relayed from our Surgeon General who is currently in India participating in a pro bono public health activity.

Dear STARFLEET Medical Corps Peers:


Quick Update.

Arrived in India on 8/12/2016 after departing for India on 8/10/2016.

In Jodhpur, India, now…in the State of Rajasthan which includes the city of Jaipur.  During the 3- or 4-days prior to my arrival, the cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, and others in Rajasthan had an unusually high amount of rain…the region is usually very dry.  The region, including the City of Jaipur and, separately, Jodhpur, was unprepared for this amount of rain.


Headlines from the newspaper article from yesterday.
Subject: Vector-borne disease: Health dept on guard

“Vector-borne disease: Health Dept on guard”

With rains lashing the state, the risk of spread of dengue and other vector-borne diseases has also increased.In this regard, the health department issued alert to its officials across the state.


I am working with the Indian public health, Jodhpur School of Public Health, to develop water-borne disease prevention messages for their public health school newsletter.

I will begin my lectures in biostatistics (with epidemiological applications) tomorrow with MPH degree students from India and surrounding countries.

That’s all for now.


SG – Actual August ’16

HYPOSPRAY July-August 2016

The latest edition of the online Newsletter, Hypospray of the STARFLEET International Medical Corps is now available!

HYPOSPRAY July-August 2016

Topic #1. Hepatitis Day

Topic #2. Some Water Safety Tips for the Summer

Topic #3.  Star Trek ‘Dermal Regenerator’ Coming Soon? NASA Devices Could Mean the End of Stitches

Topic #4.  Wanted – Organ Donors

Topic #5. Health Literacy: What is it? Why should I care? (Part I)

Topic #6. Health Literacy: Prevention of Kidney Stones (Part II)

Topic #7. Newsweek’s Top Ten Episodes from ST:Voyager


Please click here to read the articles in full.


HYPOSPRAY—Newsletter of the STARFLEET Medical Corps, is a blog managed by members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps.  HYPOSPRAY is one way that members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps and other like-minded STARFLEET members can exchange community health promotion and home safety ideas and information with each other.

If a STARFLEET Medical Corps member or any member of STARFLEET International serving in a health or medical capacity in their assigned Region wishes to offer a submission for consideration please see the details contained in the document at the following link:

HYPOSPRAY — Description of publication 2-20-2015

Updates: SG Senior Advisor for Administration

I. Updates: SG Senior Advisor for Administration

Dr. Douglas Reagan, PhD, EMT-P
Former Surgeon General, STARFLEET Medical Corps (2014)
BGEN, STARFLEET International

*** OVERVIEW ***
For many years in my medical career, both civilian and military, I feel that important issues concerning Women’s Health are often not given their just due. Also, I that in too many cases, policies and concerns women have with their healthcare and wellness are being addressed by men, and are not taking into account the unique concerns and sensitivities that women have with issues in these realms.

Therefore, I would like invite all interested parties to apply for membership on this Committee and thereby glean valuable experience in leadership and development in the workings of this important facet of STARFLEET Medical.

Suggested topics to be addressed:
1. Healthcare and the political ramifications towards women.
2. Advertising of medical and wellness products targeted to women and young girls.
3. Current global issues of women’s health (FGM, healthcare in extreme poverty, rape and abuse, etc.).
4. Topics on wellness, diet, and positive images for women directly.
5. Sexualization and objectification of young girls.
6. Topics unique to women’s health and wellness.

I ask all the ASG’s to garner interest within your Region’s CMO’s, as well as, any other women who would like to participate and have their voices heard in this context.

The central operations of this group will be within themselves and will appoint leadership positions (Chairperson, Secretary, and Publication & Media Presenter) from the group. This will be considered an Advisory Committee with the Medical Department, and will be supported by the Office of the Senior Advisor of Administration.

In addition, this is a great opportunity to gain great experience in leadership, healthcare and wellness, and providing a great service to SFI members as a whole. Also, participation on this committee garners benefits towards promotion within SFI and the Department, as well as, Departmental and Fleet awards.

I thank all of you in advance for your assistance in getting the word out about this project, and I welcome all those interested to contact me directly so that we can begin coordinating activities for the committee by May 15, 2015.

I look forward to hearing from many of you soon.

With regards,

Dr. Douglas Sanyo Reagan, PhD, SFMD
SG Senior Advisor-Administration,

II. Work Group/Issues Group Updates

A. Women’s Health Information Issues Group –
Lead: CMDR Amanda Barrow, STARFLEET International, SFMD (SFI/R20)
Advisory Committee within STARFLEET Medical to address current topics concerning health issues, wellness, and concerns in Women’s Health. I will be overseeing this committee and would like to enlist the help of primarily the female members of STARFLEET Medical, Chapter CMO’s, and others interested in participating in what will be an interesting and exciting addition to the good work of this Department.

In the coming year, I will provide updates on the efforts of the team to promote women’s health issues in our association and the communities where we live. Please stay tuned.

B. Personal Safety & Public Health Issues Group –
Lead: (pending)

C. Community Safety & Public Health Issues Group –
Lead: (pending)

D. Public Health Emergency Issues Group –
Lead: pending)

F. Veterinary Health Information Issues Group –
Lead: (pending)

SG Senior Advisor for Operations

 Update:  SG Senior Advisor for Operations

LGEN Oliver Savander, Sr, STARFLEET International (Marine Corps)

Former Surgeon General, STARFLEET Medical Corps (2011-2014)

This section of the STARFLEET Medical Corps is charged with member communications and coordination of operational activities.

************* SG Announcement: Feb 17, 2016 ******************

The Office of the Surgeon General, StarFleet Medical Corps, is pleased to announce some recent additions to its staff, as we continue to grow in membership and areas of interest, for the benefit of members in SFI Regions and the community. Most positions were announced as open in December 2015, via SFI e-mail list and websites, and volunteer selectees were chosen from applications submitted for each position.

STARFLEET Medical Corps, Fire Commissioner and Deputy
The Fire Commissioner (FC), in cooperation with a Deputy Fire Commissioner (FC-D), will work with ASGs and SFI Regional Leadership to help the SFI Region develop fire/home safety information programs and distribute information through the Hypospray blog online.

Fire Commissioner: BGEN Steven Parmley, STARFLEET International (Marine Corps), USS Constellation, R12

Deputy FC: CMDR Steven Schultz, STARFLEET International, USS Haven, R2
Assistant Surgeon General, R7

An ASG for each region will collect and disseminate community health education and health promotion information via the Hypospray blog and also will help the Health/Medical leaders of the same SFI Region develop their programming, including related community service activities for the benefit of the SFI Region and community.

ASG R7: VADM Susan Bolick, STARFLEET International, USS Avenger, R7
Team Leader, Veterinary Issues Team

The Veterinary Issues Team will be devoted to sharing pet care information and work with SFI’s “Pet Fleet” to promote the humane treatment of animals and related community service activities.

Team Leader: LTJG Rianna Melton, STARFLEET International, USS Dark Phoenix, R12

The following individuals had already been selected months ago to fill the respective positions:

Team Leader, Public Health Emergencies:
LCDR Andrea Debrestian, STARFLEET International, USS Hope, R2

SG Aide, Public Health Science and Communications:
LT Dr. Brady McNulty, PharmD, STARFLEET International, USS Liberty, R1

The Surgeon General would like to express his thanks to all who expressed interest in being a part of the volunteer staff.  We look forward to working as a team to serve the needs of our membership.





Join us at the International Convention 2016

A message from the Surgeon General

Greetings to STARFLEET International Members attending the International Convention 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky. Trekkin’ II: Horsing around on the Ohio!

STARFLEET Medical Directorate

STARFLEET Medical Directorate is part of the STARFLEET International Fan Association

STARFLEET Medical Directorate (and the STARFLEET Medical Corps) is a community health and home safety group that is oriented toward volunteer service.

Members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps work collaboratively with SFI Regional leadership and like-minded SFI members to raise community health promotion, public health, and home safety issues (and related community service activities) within the organization and in keeping with the “Let Me Help” theme of “Star Trek” tv shows and movies.

  • Canned Food donations
  • Blood donations
  • First-Aid/AED demonstration
  • Sharing community health and home safety information
  • Member recognition program

STARFLEET Medical Corps-2016 IC




Dr. Gregory Fant, PhD, MSHS
SG, STARFLEET Medical Corps | FS, USS Tiberius/R2
COL, STARFLEET International (Marine Corps), SFMD


In solidarity with “Axanar”

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Axanar – Prelude to Axanar – Full Film (Official)

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Exernal Source: 

Short Film:  Prelude to Axanar