SG Travel Diaries from India – 2016

Message relayed from our Surgeon General who is currently in India participating in a pro bono public health activity.

Dear STARFLEET Medical Corps Peers:


Quick Update.

Arrived in India on 8/12/2016 after departing for India on 8/10/2016.

In Jodhpur, India, now…in the State of Rajasthan which includes the city of Jaipur.  During the 3- or 4-days prior to my arrival, the cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, and others in Rajasthan had an unusually high amount of rain…the region is usually very dry.  The region, including the City of Jaipur and, separately, Jodhpur, was unprepared for this amount of rain.


Headlines from the newspaper article from yesterday.
Subject: Vector-borne disease: Health dept on guard

“Vector-borne disease: Health Dept on guard”

With rains lashing the state, the risk of spread of dengue and other vector-borne diseases has also increased.In this regard, the health department issued alert to its officials across the state.


I am working with the Indian public health, Jodhpur School of Public Health, to develop water-borne disease prevention messages for their public health school newsletter.

I will begin my lectures in biostatistics (with epidemiological applications) tomorrow with MPH degree students from India and surrounding countries.

That’s all for now.


SG – Actual August ’16