HYPOSPRAY July-August 2016

The latest edition of the online Newsletter, Hypospray of the STARFLEET International Medical Corps is now available!

HYPOSPRAY July-August 2016

Topic #1. Hepatitis Day

Topic #2. Some Water Safety Tips for the Summer

Topic #3.  Star Trek ‘Dermal Regenerator’ Coming Soon? NASA Devices Could Mean the End of Stitches

Topic #4.  Wanted – Organ Donors

Topic #5. Health Literacy: What is it? Why should I care? (Part I)

Topic #6. Health Literacy: Prevention of Kidney Stones (Part II)

Topic #7. Newsweek’s Top Ten Episodes from ST:Voyager


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HYPOSPRAY—Newsletter of the STARFLEET Medical Corps, is a blog managed by members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps.  HYPOSPRAY is one way that members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps and other like-minded STARFLEET members can exchange community health promotion and home safety ideas and information with each other.

If a STARFLEET Medical Corps member or any member of STARFLEET International serving in a health or medical capacity in their assigned Region wishes to offer a submission for consideration please see the details contained in the document at the following link:

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