SG Blog Update–August 1, 2016

Dear STARFLEET Medical Corps Peers:

Greetings!  This is my first blog post.

1. Please visit and explore our web site at least once-a-month for updates.

2. If you have a specific role in our corps (e.g., ASG or Team Leader), please use the online, MBR Progress Report form for the submission of your progress report. Thanks.

3. STARFLEET Medical Corps Recognitions for 2015 and 2014 have been posted on website.

4. We received confirmation about the STARFLEET Medical Corps message to participants of 2016 IC; ad space was purchased in program booklet.

5. In your specific SFI location, please plan and carry-out annual activities, especially for those with specific roles in our corps: 1) Share at least one, health information piece in assigned region; 2) Plan one wellness event in assigned region; 3) Plan one community service activity in assigned region. Try to partner with a chapter in your region where possible.  This is important.

6. BGEN Dr. Douglas Reagan, PhD, EMT-P, SG Senior Advisor-Admin, will be SG-Acting from August 5 thru August 23.  I will be unavailable–participating in a pro bono public health activity.

Thanks for your SFI Membership and participation in the Medical Corps.

SG-Actual ’15